i61 Values

i61 Values

We want you to feel totally comfortable whenever you purchase one of our products.

We believe in being completely transparent in all that we do.

So here are our values that underpin how we do business and how we behave.




We only work with manufacturers that are 100% ethical in their commitment to their staff, their production processes and the environment. Our manufacturers have won awards for their work and the implementation of fair trade practises. They carry the Fair Wear Foundation accreditation and are founding partners of the Ethical Fashion Foundation.

Where possible, we use 100% organic cotton for our clothes, but where this is not possible, our cotton is manufactured and produced in a sustainable way, from the way it is picked, to the water at the mills used to create the cotton. We ensure that there are no harsh chemicals or dyes used in the production process.

Our product is hand finished in a state of the art production facility in the South of England. This facility employs people from the local region and has a loyal employee/employer relationship. Their work is outstanding, with the attention to detail and commitment to excellence a key factor in our working relationship. Find out more on our Ethical Fashion page.



We believe wholeheartedly that dignity is human right. We seek to work in a dignified way, towards our customers, each other within the company, our suppliers and those we endeavour to help, through The i61 Dignity Project.




Transparency and Integrity are fundamental to who we are and what we believe in. We want you to ask us any question, at any time, regarding our supply chain, our tithing policy, our beliefs and faith. It is what drives us, what makes us want to offer the best of who we are, to who you are.



The i61 Dignity Project is the umbrella that covers different creative giving campaigns. We believe that inspirational words don't carry enough weight without actions. Therefore we decided to use what we have and do what we can to inspire people, show them love, restore dignity and hope through simple acts of kindness and giving.



It’s why we are doing this in the first place. It’s what drives us and makes us want to spread that love around the world! We want to reach out and touch the world with love, with kindness and with messages of hope and encouragement. Where would we be without love?


Thank you for joining us on this journey. Please feel free to email any questions, thoughts or just to say hello to us at i61clothing Instagram or via our Contact Us page