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Love Has No Borders

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Helping the homeless at home; Helping the homeless abroad

Early in our journey with i61 Clothing, we determined that we wouldn't simply be a clothing company that made beautiful products, but we would be a clothing company that tried, in anyway we can, to be the change we wish to see in the world. To take action, no matter how small that action is. 

No-one can help but feel deep sympathy for people who are homeless or displaced. Recently, the media has flooded us with images of those fleeing their homes in war-torn Syria and surrounding areas, often ending up in sprawling refugee camps in Europe where they lose what little hope they had.

So at i61 Clothing we created a t-shirt 'Love Has No Borders', to stand in solidarity with our homeless and displaced friends.

When you buy a ‘Love Has No Borders’ t-shirt we donate 100% of the profit to the cause. In essence you will be enabling us to help give clothing to displaced refugees in the Middle East, or those fleeing their country, and the homeless in the UK.

We’ve teamed up with two wonderful charities to make this happen: Samara's Aid Appeal an inspirational charity that sends lorries with boxes full of clothes, medical aid and food to refugees on the ground in camps in the Middle East; and GlassDoor which provides shelter and aid in sixteen churches in and around London,

 Samara'sSamara's Aid Appeal 

Homeless Glass Door 

At i61Clothing we believe that whatever the individual stories are, regardless of who they are or where they are, we need to show people love and compassion. This t-shirt is our way of trying to help.

By buying and wearing this t-shirt, you’re helping show the world what Love can do, because Love takes action. 

Love Has No Borders