Ethical Fashion


The Meaning of Ethical Fashion for i61

The terms ‘ethical fashion’ has varying definitions, and we soon discovered is often an umbrella term that covers ‘green’, ‘eco’, ‘sustainable’, ‘fair trade’ and ‘organic’. In order for us to set the stage to be a leading ethical fashion house, ethical has to be at our core, transcending beyond our the award winning suppliers we use, but throughout our Values. We want to positively change the lives of people in our communities at home and abroad. 

i61 Brand is a collaboration of super-talented people from all backgrounds, sharing the common desire to see a better world through active social change. UK consumers purchase on average 2 million tonnes of clothes per year, discarding 1 million tonnes of unwanted clothes, estimated that half of that ends up in landfill (DEFRA, 2011). We as a brand are trying to inspire a difference, and although we are small we are confident that our community of supporters can make solid difference.





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