Love Has No Borders

I sat and watched with the rest of the world, as images of a tiny boy, a refugee, washed up on a beach in Turkey. Who could fail to be shocked by this image? I really struggled with the crisis of watching men, women and children crossing borders to seek a better life.

Equally, while watching those stories unfold before my eyes on the screen of every television, twitter account, Facebook account and you name it - it was there - I was struck by the fact that everyday, I walk by the homeless on the streets of London, with barely a glance. 

Over the past few years, we, as a family have had some pretty big battles to face. Death, loss of jobs, money dwindling, walking the trust walk, trying to live out of Psalm 91, dwelling in the secret place...

But nothing, not one thing in my life can be compared with seeing people living without anything on the streets, whether it is in London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Manchester, or living in refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

My heart was broken. Broken on so many levels for men, women and children trying to find a life, a place to lay their heads, regardless of their circumstances, their religion or politics. Moved by this and spurred on by a heart that wouldn't and couldn't rest, I decided to take a bit of action and try to make a difference, no matter how small in this situation. 

It just strikes me that people are human beings regardless of who they are, where they are and we all need love and to have dignity restored to us, so I came up with this t-shirt;

Love has no Borders

I believe that we all have something in our hands that we can use to make a difference. What I have in my hand is a clothing company, so I've made t-shirt(s) to sell in order to help those friends of ours that have no homes, no warm beds and barely any food.

We’ve teamed up with two wonderful charities to make this happen: GlassDoor which provides shelter and aid in sixteen churches in and around London, and Samara'a Aid Appeal  an inspirational charity that sends lorries with boxes full of clothes, medical aid and food to refugees on the ground in camps in the Middle East.

Will the t-shirt feed the masses? Will it keep them warm? Will it solve world peace? No, but for one person, it might make a difference (it already does in my heart, knowing that I am taking a tiny bit of action to help an overwhelming situation) and for me, this is all that matters.

Love has no borders and Love never fails.

May you use what is in your hand to make a difference today x dp 

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