In The Beginning…..


It is said that all journeys begin with a single step. That is certainly true for me and this brand, i61 Clothing. I first thought about starting Isaiah (i61) while standing on a street corner in central London, back in September of 2004.

I had become very tired and discouraged by what I saw as 'fashion" on the high streets of the world and the way some brands chose to portray the industry in a negative, crude, and dare I say, sexualised light. Having worked as a fashion photographer in the industry for 15 years, I knew the impact and influence fashion had on all the generations, and how that impacted how we viewed ourselves.

In that moment, standing on that street corner, I was overcome with a desire to create something beautiful, something that lifted people up and gave them a positive message to wear. Something that had a loving impact on the world, and would hopefully, in time, leave a legacy of integrity and beauty.

And so it all began, after many times saying yes to "little Isaiah" (as I call this brand!)  and a whole lot of times saying no. The journey has been challenging and the journey has been long. I've made more mistakes, taken more wrong turns than I care to remember! But I always had a sense in my heart that there was something about Isaiah that needed to be shared, that there were people who had come to love this brand, who loved me, and who were determined to see us both grow and evolve. People who refused to give up on either of us!

So, Thank You...

This is my way of saying thank you to many people who have been with me on this journey with i61 Clothing.

I have had the deep and humbling gift of wonderful people who have walked with me. Without their help, I simply would not be here and neither would i61.

So, here is a thank you from the bottom of my heart: First off, my family, Sebastian, Christian and Gabriel. I love you so much. Thank you for putting up with me and all of my crazy ideas. You are three gifts from heaven.

My Dad, James Hood. Thanks for all of your advice and support (and a random encounter in NYC that helped you to see my dream!). I have so valued your input and support over the years. 

My Mumma, Dorothy Hood, my angel watching over me and my brother, Scott. I miss you Buzzy. I know you are both the angels by my side. 

There have been so many people along the journey who have supported me, given me advice, prayed for me and Isaiah. I am eternally grateful to all of you;

Michael Mursell, Mark Javis, Anna Potik, Jamie Anderson, Ramona Harris, Charlie and Jenny Arbuthnot, Christina Abbott, Mark Glen, Maria Bonet, Charlotte DeGroot, Alison Williams, Rebecca Callaghan, Christy Anastas, Jon Simmonds, Rochelle Bond, Lucy Panes, Sarah Toulmin, Bonnie Fletcher, Maggie Ramage, Liz Earle, Russell Spiller, Richard Harris, Matthew and Rachel Passante, David and Liz Walker and "my family" at HTB. 

There are so many more people who have helped along the way, too many to name here. Thank you for believing in this little dream, for believing in me, and for your prayers along the way. Thank you for buying our first t shirts and coming back for more! I have worked with some very gifted people, check out our collaborators page to see who they are - you are all amazing and I am so blessed to have worked with all of you.

Thank you too. to the many people who I don't know by name, but have encouraged me along the way, buying our t shirts and sharing your stories with me of how they impacted your life, for refusing to give up on me or this little dream I had. Your words of encouragement along the way have kept me going. 

Finally, I want to thank my three musketeers. You have never ever ever given up on me. Your faithfulness and patience and love quite simply blow me away. Abba Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. I love you more than any words can say xx dp

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